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of Strymonikos Bay
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In the center of Strymonikos Bay, in Vrasna Beach, and only 65 km. away from the two biggest cities of North Greece, Thessaloniki and Kavala, 5 excellent properties are proposing quality vacations: Philoxenia Evgenia, Philoxenia Suites, Philoxenia Earia, Philoxenia Beach and Philoxenia’s SEAcret.

Choose wisely and enjoy unforgettable vacations!

Our beautiful Vrasna Beach

It’s time to enjoy your summer. Welcome to Vrasna Beach.

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Our 5 modern decorated properties: Beach, Earia, Evgenia,  Suites and Philoxenia’s SEAcret are the top quality proposals for the area of Strymonikos Bay. They are located in Vrasna Beach, Thessaloniki.

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